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A note from Krista Barzso

-Writer / Executive Producer / Brooke

Hi there! My name is Krista Barzso, I am an actor, writer and producer in Toronto. As a creative, I am drawn to stories that bring a twist to something audiences think they already know, and I think Persistence has the potential to do just that! 

Persistence is a story about what happens when romantic intentions cross over into stalking. We are seeking to explore what happens when trusts are broken but laws aren't, and just how much damage can be done to someone’s life in that space between.

This is a story that I am very passionate about telling. It is based on my own experiences dealing with this type of treatment, so I know just how isolating and terrifying it can be. It has also saddened me to hear from almost every woman that I have discussed my project with, and a few men as well, that they have had similar experiences. It is a type of behaviour that is so pervasive that it is often brushed of as being normal or “no big deal, because it happens all the time”. This is not good enough. Things need to change. Through this film I really want to shine a light on this phenomenon and get the word out there to people who are going through something similar that this behaviour is not ok, they are not overreacting, and they are not alone.

Cast & Crew

Meet th Team


Krista Barzso.jpg

Krista Barzso


Chris O'Bray - Headshot 2020 noname.jpg

Chris O'Bray


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David Tomlinson




Kaia Richardson

Coffee Shop Patrons     

Alain DAmours

Alison Niven

Tatiana Orlova

Tiffany Regaudie


Executive Producer / Writer

Krista Barzso


Neil Schell

Director of Photography

Dan Duguay

Lighting/1st AC

Liam Guay

Sound Mixer

Kalvin Mallari

Makeup Artist

Josephine Smith

Script Supervisor

Matt Chenuz

Production Assistants   

Mona Hillis

Sarah Stewart

BTS Photographer

Sarah Stewart

Production Manager / Line Producer    

Kaia Richardson



Whitney Trower


Cait Alexander

Sound Designer

George Audi


Whitney Trower

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